Electro Deposition Paint (Ecoat)


In July, 2004, ITD Precision installed an electro-deposition paint line in its Harlingen, Texas plant. Because of its environmentally friendly characteristics, electro-deposition paint (most commonly referred to as ecoat) is becoming the standard in both automotive and industrial coatings. ITD’s ecoat application provides a thin, tough, black coating that is extremely corrosion resistant yet is capable of reaching even the most hard to reach areas of complex parts.

Our Therma-Tron-X Econ-E-Coat Paint System utilizes an SST, slide rail square transfer, system conveyor design. Other equipment installed on the line are pre and post water treatment systems, an automatic chemical feed system and a state of the art data management system.

ITD has chosen to use PPG’s products, the most prestigious chemical and paint products in the electrocoat business, for all their pretreatment and paint stages. PPG’s products meet the most common automotive and industrial electrocoat specifications and are accepted by Ford, Chrysler, GM and several import automotive companies.

ITD’s ECoat process is compliant with AIAG CQI-12 Coating System Assessment.