Environmental Management

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) identifies and targets all processes
within ITD Precision that create Class I waste, hazardous waste or an environmental

The ITD EMS provides for environmental management throughout all areas and
departments. The EMS is designed to cover environmental aspects which can be
managed and controlled or influenced.

EMS will identify personnel within the organization are responsible for particular tasks
pertaining to environmental impact and waste management.

Each ITD process identifies waste generated, type of waste, and disposal method.

All documents pertaining to acquisition, storage, labeling, and disposal are maintained
by the responsible party named for each department within ITD.

Awareness and Training:
All employees are aware of ITD’s commitment to a safe workplace and minimizing
environmental impact through training and work practices.

Risk Assessment:
All new processes are analyzed in advance for employee safety and environmental
impact prior to implementation. Any new chemicals are studied for safety to
employees and the environment prior to being introduced into the workplace.

Evidence of Compliance:
Processes are audited periodically to assure the Environment Management System has
been properly implemented and maintained.

Non-Compliance and Corrective Action:
All non-compliances are documented and responsibility for closure assigned.